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Master Bedroom Locations with Pros and Cons for Each

From the homeowner's perspective, the master bedroom is often the most important bedroom of the house. The master bedroom is where you find peace and quiet, where you spend at least 8 to 9 hours relaxing on most days, and where you retreat when you're sick or stressed. The master bedroom should be a place of calm, a place of happiness, and ultimately, a very personal space that should reflect your tastes, values, and preferences.

When you're designing your own house, it's important to choose a bedroom location that will help you achieve your goals for rest and relaxation. There are many possible locations for the master bedroom inside the home. If you're working with a capable home builder, they should have advice that will help you find a bedroom layout that will work for you. In this article, we'll discuss the best bedroom layout and master bedroom designs, to help you choose the best bedroom floorplan for your needs.

First Floor Bedroom

First-floor bedrooms are accessible and easy to reach, which makes them appropriate for homeowners who want to age in place. If you're currently building your forever home, you may ultimately be happy with your decision to put your bedroom on the first floor, although there are some downsides that you'll have to adjust to.

The first floor is usually the floor where the living room is located. In a house with lots of kids, the first floor can be a loud and disruptive place to try to sleep. Older children may stay up late in the living room, playing video games and talking to friends on the phone.

Meanwhile, younger children may bring over friends and play games in your living room and into the kitchen. For an adult who likes good naps and uninterrupted sleep at night, a first-floor bedroom can present challenges.

Second Floor Bedroom

Second-floor bedrooms are known for being quiet, private, peaceful spaces. This is because the second floor is often a floor reserved for bedrooms and other quiet rooms.

If you have many children, enjoy having parties, or have a big family, your second floor is almost certainly going to be a much more private, secluded space. Putting your bedroom on the second floor will ensure that you have a place to retreat when you don't want to be around others.

A second-floor bedroom is harder to reach if you have a disability. In addition, climbing the stairs can become difficult as you age. If you're planning on living in your home into old age, consider building a spare or guest bedroom on your first floor, even if you're building your master bedroom upstairs. Having a space to sleep on the first floor helps ensure that you can age in place.


Front of the House

Some homeowners like to put their master bedroom in the front of the house because they like the peace of mind. It's nice to see who is coming and going from your house. It can also be nice to have a good view of what's happening in the neighborhood. For the sake of security and also staying informed, the front of the house is an excellent place to position your master bedroom.

However, there are disadvantages to positioning your master bedroom in the front. For example, lights from the street can make the room brighter. In addition, when the lights are on in the room, people in your front yard will be able to see whether you're in your bedroom or not.

If you choose a front-facing bedroom, plan to keep your blinds drawn while you're in your bedroom at night. You'll be able to see less of what's going on in your street, which will reduce the benefit of putting your room in the front of the house.

In addition, the front of the house can be louder, as traffic and passerby can be noisy - especially if your home is on a busy street or if you have many neighbors. If you need complete peace and quiet to sleep comfortably, the front of the house may not be the best place for you to position your bedroom.

Back of the House

The rear of the house is a quiet, private space. Most people prefer placing their bedroom in the rear of the house because they like the relative darkness, the silence, and the privacy that comes from positioning their master bedroom in the back.

If you have young children, it may be important to you to have a bedroom near your kids' bedrooms. If this is the case, avoid positioning your bedroom in such a secluded spot that you won't be able to hear your children crying or calling for you.

Can't Decide Best Bedroom Floorplan? Work With Your Builder

A good home builder will have a lot of experience helping homeowners decide which bedroom layouts are best. In fact, many home builders have floorplans available for clients to review, including open layouts and traditional floorplans. You can find the best layout for your needs by working with an experienced and knowledgeable builder.

To learn more about designing your forever home, contact Blenheim Homes. During the initial consultation process, we'll go over our custom-designed layouts and discuss the optimal position of each room. We sell homes that people love for life. To learn more about our planned communities and our new home design, call us today.

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