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6 Reasons to Live in Hockessin

Every state has its hidden gems. From scenic hikes off of the beaten path to sensational restaurants only the locals know about, every state houses unique treasures, and Delaware is no exception. One of these treasures is the charming and quaint town of Hockessin in New Castle County. Established by a group of families in 1688 near the northwest border of Delaware near Mill Creek, Hockessin has a rich history and is still very family-oriented today. These are just a few of the reasons that make Hockessin a desirable destination.

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1. A Charming Atmosphere

With a population of 13,472, the town of Hockessin is both vibrant and intimate. The town itself boasts many charming restaurants and shops, including natural food markets, cuisines from around the globe, home goods stores, and more. If you take a drive through Hockessin’s neighborhoods, you’re likely to drive past beautiful and well-cared-for homes surrounded by mature trees, which you’ll also find in adjacent communities like Westhampton.

Hockessin is also home to many cultural attractions like the Mt. Cuba Center non-profit botanical garden, where you can stroll through an enchanting array of wildflowers, as well as nearby attractions like the majestic Kennett Square Longwood Gardens with more than 1,077 acres of gardens, woodlands, and meadows, and the famous Winterthur Museum, Garden, and Library with its 60-acre garden and 87,000-volume library. You can learn more about area amenities here, and you can discover more of Hockessin’s hidden treasures at Only in Your State.

2. A Stable Community

One of the reasons that Hockessin’s neighborhoods are so well cared for is that most of its residents own their own homes. According to Niche, 87% percent of Hockessin’s population own their own homes, while 13% rent. The median rent is $1,807, and the median home value is $446,000. (Compare to Westhampton home prices, just two miles outside Hockessin, that start at $384,900.) The median household income is $125,847 (compared with a national average of $55,322). The population is well balanced in terms of age, representing the family-oriented nature of its community. This town is an attractive destination for young families and retirees alike.

3. A Great Place to Raise a Family

Because of its charming town life and stable community, among other factors, Hockessin is recognized as the second-best place to raise a family in Delaware, out of 72 areas; the second-best suburb to raise a family in Delaware out of 18 places, and the third-best suburb to live in Delaware out of 18 places. Hockessin earns an A on Niche for “good for families,” and it earns an A+ on area vibes for crime and safety. Hockessin’s total crime is 59% lower than the national average, its violent crime is 58% lower than the national average, and its property crime is 60% lower than the national average. Hockessin’s stable community undoubtedly contributes to its safety.

4. A Small Town Offering Good Schools

Hockessin also offers good schools and lots of educational choices, with a public school rating on Niche of B. Hockessin, provides 18 preschools, 5 elementary schools, 5 middle schools, and 3 high schools. The top-ranked elementary schools include North Star Elementary School, which is a public K-5 school with 664 students in the Red Clay Consolidated School District, and William F. Cooke Jr. Elementary, a public K-5 school with 657 students in the same district. The top-rated middle school is duPont (H.B.) Middle School, a public school for grades 6-8 with 812 students in the same district. Niche rates CAB Calloway School of the Arts as the #3 best high school in Delaware. Also part of the Red Clay Consolidated School District, this high school has 932 students. In addition to its public schools, Hockessin offers several private schools so that families can choose the best option for their particular needs.

5. A Strategic Location

Perhaps the top reason to live in Hockessin is that, while the town itself is charming in its own right, it’s also strategically located near big city amenities and rural countryside attractions. Many Hockessin residents take the approximately 50-minute commute to work in Philadelphia, and Hockessin is actually considered a suburb of Philadelphia. As such, it’s easy to access services like the Philadelphia International Airport, cultural attractions like the Philadelphia Museum of Art, historical sights like the Liberty Bell, and high-quality medical services, among other things.

Hockessin is also about 20 minutes away from Wilmington, Delaware’s largest city. Because of this, incredible attractions like Nemours Estate and the Hagley Museum and Library are nearby, as are recognized restaurants like the Big Fish Grill on the Riverfront and Banks’ Seafood Kitchen, and great shopping opportunities like the Concord Mall and the Riverfront Market.

Yet as close as it is to this wide array of amenities that only come with city living, Hockessin is just as close to rural getaways like White Clay Creek State Park, Middle Run Valley Natural Area, and Brandywine Creek State Park in Delaware, as well as the Pocono Mountains and Natural Lands’ ChesLen, Preserve in Pennsylvania. Hockessin also enjoys proximity to many more Delaware state parks and the beautiful coast of the Atlantic Ocean. As charming as Hockessin is on its own, it is also situated near many diverse attractions in Delaware and surrounding states.

6. A Town that Ranks Well for Livability

Given all of the above, it is no surprise that Hockessin’s residents rate the city highly. Areavibes gives Hockessin an exceptional livability score of 76 (as compared to the Delaware rank of 65 and the USA rank of 68). Hockessin is ranked as the #10 city in Delaware and ranks higher than 78% of areas. Its amenities receive an A+, crime rates receive an A+, its user rating is A+, and its employment receives an A-. While Hockessin’s cost of living is higher than the national average, it’s important to remember that its median income is also higher, making this city an affordable and attractive place to live.

 *Featured Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

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