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Should I Build a New Home or Remodel My Existing Home When I Retire?

Are you retiring soon? Do you know what your living arrangements will be? Some people choose to build their retirement home while others remodel their existing home to make it more age in place-friendly. There are benefits to both options. While remodeling your existing home can spare you the pain of moving, building an all-new home means you can create the house you've always wanted.

The months or years before you retire are the perfect time to decide whether to build a new home in Delaware or stay where you are. Taking the time to consider each option can help you decide which is the right choice for you. 

Home Remodeling Benefits

Look around the house where you live now. Think about what you would do to your house to make it the perfect retirement home. Envision the changes you would make to ensure you can be comfortable in retirement. 

Below are some benefits of remodeling your existing home. If you're very attached to your current home, the benefits we've listed may be more meaningful to you. 

Stay in the House You Love

For many people, the best part of remodeling their home rather than building a new home is getting to stay in the house they've been in for years. Maybe your kids were raised in your current house - or maybe it's been in your family for generations. Remodeling allows you to stay in one spot and enjoy your retirement in a familiar space.  

Avoid Moving

Do you hate moving? Many people do. If you choose to remodel your current house rather than building a new home, you'll avoid the hassle that comes with moving. That means no packing and unpacking, no moving expenses. That also means you can avoid the stress of a relocation. 

Keep Your House to Give to Your Kids

Some homeowners have dreams of giving their homes to their children. If you want your children to inherit your current home, then remodeling that house could make it a more viable place for your children to live in their adulthood. 

Benefits of Building a New Home

While there may be many benefits to staying in your current home, there are even more benefits to building a new home. Think about these benefits carefully before making your decision. 

Amenities of Building In a Planned Community

New homes that are constructed in planned communities often have amenities that make them extra comfortable. If you live in a Blenheim-planned community, for example, you'll enjoy a resort-like experience from the comfort of your own home.

Imagine spending your retirement exercising on walking paths near your house, swimming at your community swimming pool, and taking your grandchildren to the local park just down the street from your house. You'll get all these benefits and more if you buy a new home from Blenheim. 

New Homes Require Less Maintenance

Think about how much time you spend maintaining your current house. If you build an all-new house, you'll spend less time maintaining your house and more time enjoying your life.

New homes have fewer maintenance problems, are often more energy-efficient and need far fewer repairs than homes that have been lived in for years. Even if you fully remodel your current home, you'll likely still have more maintenance than if you build a new home from Blenheim.

Make Your House Exactly What You Want

When you live in a newly constructed home, you can make your house exactly what you want, with all the storage options that you need to be comfortable and organized.

You can also construct your home to have all the amenities you require for comfort in your retirement years. Assuming that aging in place is important to you, constructing a new home allows you to install features that makes aging in place safe.

Age in place features like wide hallways, a curbless shower, an open floor plan, extra lighting and other amenities aren't always available in older homes. These features could make a big difference as you start to get older. 

Build a New Home In Delaware with Blenheim

Want to know more about constructing your forever home with Blenheim? Check out our new home communities or  contact us today to get started with a consultation. 

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