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Top 5 Reasons Why Living in Delaware is Great for Kids

One of the most important decisions that parents face in raising their children is deciding on the ideal location that will give their child every advantage possible.

Parents want to choose places that encourage a healthy lifestyle, feature excellent schools and have lots of recreational options that their children are sure to love.  Many families settle on Delaware as the best state for raising their family because it has all these benefits and many more! 

1.  Excellent Schools 

The quality of the schools is a top concern of many parents. Luckily, Delaware fits the bill. Many Delaware communities have exemplary school districts with low student-teacher ratios and top test scores. 

No need to fork over exorbitant tuition to send your children to private school if you can live in one of Delaware’s excellent districts. Knowing that your child is not only receiving high-quality academic instruction but is using top-notch facilities, has highly trained teachers, and has access to necessary support services eliminates one of the biggest worries that many parents face.

As a parent, you'll enjoy all these great services while your child gets regular enrichment classes in art, music, physical education, and more. Want to see an example of we're talking about? Check out Blenheim Home's Valley Grove, in Hockessin, DE, where the assigned elementary school enjoys a 10/10 rating. 

2. Unparalleled Natural Beauty 

Despite being the second smallest state, Delaware punches far above its weight when it comes to natural beauty. The diversity of the natural environment is unparalleled. Delaware features some of the most beautiful beaches in the country.

During the summer, tourists and locals alike flock to beaches to take in their beauty and relax. In the off-season, those beaches are there for Delaware residents to enjoy.

Delaware also has an astonishing array of other natural habitats, such as swamps, sand dunes, salt marshes, forests, rivers and creeks, ponds, and grasslands. There are even wildlife refuges in Delaware. 

All of this natural beauty encourages families to live a healthy outdoor lifestyle with lots of hiking, biking, camping, swimming, and countless other activities. Research has shown the benefits of unstructured outdoor time for kids and Delaware kids have countless opportunities to experience the benefits of exploration of the natural world. 

Participating in outdoor recreation also has the benefits of improving the fitness of children and families and encouraging bonding as families spend time outdoors together. 

At Blenheim Homes, our communities take advantage of outdoor recreation opportunities to promote a healthy, active lifestyle. Our new home communities feature outdoor green spaces and playgrounds where children can enjoy play, parks, and walking trails for people of all ages who want to get out and stretch their legs.

3. History

Delaware has an incredible history, dating back to colonial times and before. The Lenape Indians who called this land home before the European settlers left a rich history and culture behind, while European colonists who settled in Delaware left historic buildings and monuments. 

As a result, Delaware is full of all kinds of museums and historic sites that are perfect for children and families to visit. Children benefit greatly from living in a state that immerses them in that history. 

Of the many museums and historical sites of Delaware itself are not enough for you, Delaware is also perfectly situated between the history-rich cities of Philadelphia and Washington D.C. This proximity to these centers of culture and learning allows children and families unparalleled opportunities to explore American history through visits to national parks, world-class museums, and historical sites. Visiting these sites encourages educational excellence and family bonding. 

4. A Community to Suit Every Family 

Delaware has an incredible diversity of places to live, and families can choose communities that best suit their individual lifestyles. Delaware features rural, agrarian communities, perfect for families who like maximum peace and quiet and boundless opportunities to be outdoors. The state also has quaint small towns for families that want the quiet lifestyle with a strong sense of history and community, and beach towns that mix busy summers with quiet subdued winters.

There are even beautiful suburbs for families who want to be close to the action but also have a peaceful place to call home. In the bustling city of Wilmington, homeowners enjoy culture and nightlife for families who like to take it all in. Delaware has it all. 

5. Vibrant Arts Scene 

 For many families, the arts are a big draw and a must-have in a place to raise their family. Luckily, Delaware does not disappoint. Delaware features great art museums, dance, music venues, and all kinds of other great opportunities to experience and participate in the arts.  

Children who grow up in Delaware get to see world-class theater, dance, musical performances and visit some of the best art museums in the country. Children who are particularly drawn to the arts can also find countless opportunities to learn and participate in art events. 

The natural beauty of Delaware also draws artists from around the world to create and display their art. Countless galleries, boutiques, and museums display the abundance of art these visiting and resident artists produce in Delaware. 

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