Wow Your Holiday Guests With With The Perfect Table and Place Setting

With Thanksgiving just days away and the rest of the end-of-year holidays following soon after, chances are you have most of the big plans in motion. But the small details often bring the days and events an extra special touch, but can often get missed in the chaos of the planning. 

After all the work you put into cleaning and prepping your gorgeous home (and let's not forget all the time spent in your dream kitchen!), designing a picture-worthy table with the perfect place settings for your friends, family, and guests at which to gather and share new memories is a nice way to elevate your holiday experience. So we put together some great ideas for holiday home we found from across the internet! 

Looking For The Perfect Holiday Place Setting? 

bowie napkins1. Bowtie Napkins

Beautiful tones of orange and gold make for an elegant Thanksgiving table.

And don't forget to give that napkin extra love by forming it into a bow shape and slipping a gold napkin ring over the center.

The gold tones and warm hues also work great with any other holiday decor that you might have incorporated in your home already, too, including warm winter lights and wreaths, to name a few. 

But this effect can be done using any color combination you've chosen and is sure to impress your guests! 




kid friendly2. Make It Kid-Friendly

When it comes to the small ones at the table, make sure you give them something to do while the adults are catching up using the butcher-paper-as-tablecloth. It evokes a rustic feel, doubles as a coloring surface, and makes for quick cleanup.

You can also add fun activities like an “I’m thankful for” fill-in-the-blank list or Thanksgiving-themed word search at each place setting. Bundle colored pencils with the napkin for an extra nice touch and way to avoid a mess.




face cards 3. Nostalgic "Face" Cards

Allow Thanksgiving family and friends to enjoy a walk down memory lane with a cute photo placecard.

To make: Simply cut a shallow, 1/4-inch-deep channel into the top of a wooden spool (a fine-tooth blade hacksaw will do the trick). Insert a small photo, and place at the relevant setting.

Instead of a spool, miniature easels or photo holders work, too! If you have old-fashioned clothespins, you can stand them straight up and use the opening to hold the photos. 





mono4. Simple Monograms

This thoughtful idea looks impressive but is very simple and adds a very easy personalized touch. Simply loop baker's twine into an initial and place on the plate. Pair with a seasonal tablecloth and folded paper leaves or any other holiday decor. 

If you don't have any baker's twine on hand, you can use any colored string or even yarn! 







charcute5. Charcuterie Board Tablescape

Who says the turkey has to go in the middle of the table?

A colorful charcuterie board never fails to delight guests. Set a few, including everything from a variety of cheese to chocolate, at the center of your table alongside mini pumpkins and faux eucalyptus branches. The mix of savory and sweet will be a hit!






heirlooms6. Modern Heirlooms Tablescape

If you have china and family heirloom items that have been handed down to you through generations, this one is for you!  Using pieces that have been passed down through different generations and family members is not only a meaningful way to celebrate and give thanks with guests, but they're also great conversation pieces. Use them as another reason to tell stories about loved ones throughout the years and invite others to do the same. You can even encourage family members to bring any special pieces they might have, too! 





However you set your table, it's important to remember that the heart of the holidays is gathering with friends, family, and neighbors to celebrate life. You've made your Blenheim home a place for those experiences to thrive and be cherished, no matter what how unique of a table spread you've designed. Cheers to you and your loved ones! 










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