Fun & Elegant Ways to Enjoy St. Patrick's Day In Your Dream Home

This March 17 marks St. Patrick's Day. Although traditionally celebrated as an Irish holiday, the fun has grown to include appreciation from many different cultures and backgrounds. From those famous fast-food chain green shakes to "wear green" days in schools, St. Patrick's Day week rarely passes by without getting noticed! So, if you're interested in joining the fun this weekend, we've complied a list of our favorite ideas you can try at home including making green beer, decorating the house, and making your own St. Patrick's Day crafts - for all ages without going tacky or overboard! 

Use Elegant Irish-Inspired Decor Accents To Your Blenheim Home

1. Incorporate Touches Of Green To Your Table Setting


Show off your love for St. Patrick's Day decor by filling your house with all things green. Shamrock table decor is a great way to experiment without going overboard. Look for inexpensive plates with clovers. Add a green napkin ring and a green table runner and you're ready to host a St. Patrick's Day feast for family or friends in your spacious home! 

2. Decorate Your Front Door With A Shamrock Wreath

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 12.41.57 PM

A shamrock wreath is a beautiful and subtle way to give a nod to the greenest of the holidays. And maybe even adding a little luck to your home! 

3. Use Apothecary Jars To Fill With Your Favorite Candy Or Goodies 

Apothecary jars are fun to decorate with because the contents can be switched out for every single holiday! I love the classiness of these jars on a table or mantel!

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 12.56.30 PM


At-Home Crafts & Recipes To Enjoy With Adults Or Kids 

1. Make Shamrock Shakes 

matcha-mint milkshakes with shamrocks

Shamrock shakes are a St. Patrick's Day staple, so make your own at home to celebrate the holiday. Use mint ice cream and a few drops of green food coloring or a spoonful of matcha powder to achieve the recognizable flavor and color. A mini shamrock cookie cutter can help you create the festive topping by shaking a bit of matcha powder onto the whipped cream topping! 

2. Make a St. Patrick's Day Veggie Snack Board 

Screen Shot 2024-03-14 at 2.50.02 PM

Another super easy and fun-for-all ages recipe is making a visual snack board out of fresh, healthy options to make a St. Patrick's Day visual, like the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow! Use a variety of colors and different textures to make it stand out including hard boiled eggs, cherry tomatoes, cheeses, carrots, strawberries, blueberries, and of course the greens likes grapes, avocado, kiwi, green apples, broccoli, cucumbers and so much more! Great for entertaining adults or class parties in school.

3. Create "Leprechaun Traps" With Kids To Enjoy 

How to Make a Leprechaun Trap for Kids on St. Patrick's Day

Think of a leprechaun trap as a more elaborate version of leaving milk and cookies out for Santa Claus.

In the days leading up to St. Patrick's Day, you help your kids build the leprechaun trap, fill it with "bait"—gold coins, candy, rainbows... anything that might strike a leprechaun's fancy—then leave it out before bed on March 16, St. Patrick's Day Eve. While the kids sleep, the leprechaun will visit the trap and take the "bait." 

Of course you'll also need plenty of craft supplies to make the trap enticing. Markers, paint, glitter, craft sticks, wrapping paper, tissue paper, pipe cleaners—it's all fair game. Popular items to use as "bait" include: 

  • Chocolate gold coins
  • Tons of green (a leprechaun's favorite color!)
  • Four-leaf clovers
  • Rainbows
  • Lucky Charms cereal
  • Skittles
  • Green M&Ms
  • Rolos
  • Ring pops
  • Green desserts

4. Enjoy a Green Cocktail or Mocktail at Home

Green Tea Mojitos | Imperial Sugar

Be prepared to have a green smile on St. Patrick's Day. Beverages at restaurants, street festivals, and bars are often dyed green in honor of the day—and if you're staying home this year, it's the perfect time to try making your own. But no need to dye anything since there are plenty of ways to make your drinks green using fresh ingredients. Simple tricks to try to "green" your drinks in your kitchen is adding ingredients like cucumber, lime, mint, or even green tea to a classic mojito recipe. Just remove the alcohol to make it a "NO-jito!" Perfect for a happy hour get together with your neighbors or having a get together in your Blenheim home! 

However you're planning to observe or celebrate St. Patrick's Day, the variety of homes that Blenheim offers throughout so many different communities in Middletown, De and Hockessin, De. make it easy and enjoyable! The spacious floor plans are perfect for both family fun and entertaining for all ages!


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