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8 Benefits of Living in a Townhome

In today’s market, a lot of people are looking to relocate for a new job or to be near family and friends. With that decision to relocate comes several smaller decisions. Not only do buyers need to consider proximity to jobs and family, but they also need to consider the type of house and neighborhood they would like to own. Luxury townhomes like those found in Blenheim Homes’s community of Westhampton just outside Hockessin can be an excellent, albeit often overlooked, option for your next move. Here’s why.

Westhampton has officially SOLD OUT as of September 2021 but a beautiful new and exciting community is coming to Hockessin soon.


Introducing: Valley Grove. Learn all about this new community and sign up for the interest list to receive the latest news and updates at the community logo above!

1. Built-in Community

Community is always a central consideration, no matter what your life circumstances. The value of community only grows, however, when you’re considering moving to a new location and want to put down roots. In a townhome, you’ll have a built-in community and therefore a greater opportunity to foster strong relationships with your neighbors. For many, this benefit has become even more desirable during this time that we are collectively gaining a heightened sensitivity to the importance of a support system through strong relationships with our family, our friends, and our local community. A good neighbor is one of the best ROIs you can ask for.

2. A Safe Neighborhood

Safety is a natural extension of a strong community. When you know your neighbors, you create a network of people who collectively watch out for each other and know one another’s routines. Not only does this help lower crime, but it also creates an environment where neighbors have each other’s back, whether that means watering plants for you while you’re on vacation or returning a lost key fob you accidentally dropped on the pavement. Besides all this, in a luxury townhome community, your neighbors all know and are known by your own builder, so in a sense, everyone in your community has been “vetted” and already has a common connection.

3. Well Cared for Open Spaces

Another benefit of living in a luxury townhome community is the amount of well-cared-for open spaces that give the community a sense of peace, order, serenity, and privacy. In Blenheim’s community of Westhampton, for example, all 95 homesites back up to mature open spaces boasting beautiful views. All of these open spaces are wooded and private, making your home feel like the best of urban living combined with the benefits of rural privacy. Feel free to look at a map of Westhampton here to see which townhome models back up to which private lands - including a pond!

4. Less Maintenance

The flip side benefit of living in a community where the open spaces are well cared for is that you as a homeowner have less maintenance on your plate. The lawns are mown for you, the shrubbery and flowers are watered for you, the tree trimming is taken care of for you, etc. While many retirees find the prospect of a low-maintenance home attractive, it’s also an incredible benefit for busy families and professionals, among others.

5. Less Expensive

Often, townhomes are less expensive than other homes within the same area. In the Blenheim Homes community of Westhampton, both townhome models are less expensive than their twin home counterparts, even though they are almost as spacious. The Brookhaven, for example, starts at $384,900 and has 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2.5 to 3.5 bathrooms, and 2,074 to 3,216 square feet (depending on customization options). The Jamesport luxury townhome model starts at $399,900 and has 3 to 4 bedrooms, 2.5 to 3.5 bathrooms, and 2,262 to 3,317 square feet (depending on customization options).

Their twin home counterparts in the same community, on the other hand, start at $439,900 for 2,285 to 3,221 square feet and $459,900 for 2,746 to 4,059 square feet. As reflected in the prices above, townhomes are often less expensive even than twin homes, and certainly, they are less expensive than single homes.

6. Prime Locations

While it’s not universally true that townhomes are located in coveted areas, it is certainly true of the Westhampton luxury townhome community situated just two miles outside of Hockessin, Delaware. In fact, Northern Delaware is so popular that it is rare now to find the opportunity to build there. It’s easy to see why when you consider that these homes are situated near Delaware’s largest city, Wilmington, as well as the remote and charming town of Hockessin. Westhampton is also within easy driving distance of the Pennsylvania countryside and the large city of Philadelphia. From malls and plazas to state parks and cultural attractions, there’s always a lot to do in Westhampton.

7. Flexible Move-In Time

Perhaps best of all, moving to a luxury townhome community like Westhampton gives you the flexibility of moving in when you’re ready. Because you’ll be buying or building new, you won’t have to worry about accommodating a seller’s timeline. Instead, you can move in immediately to one of the community’s model townhomes, or else you can take the time to build your own custom townhome.

When working with a private seller rather than a builder, there’s always an element of unpredictability. The seller may receive another competitive offer, for example, or their own offer on another home may fall through, changing your move-in time. In purchasing a new custom home, on the other hand, the timeline is within your control. Several homes are move-in ready, but if you’re not in a hurry, you can also take time to customize your new home to reflect your needs and personality.

8. New and Clean

If you’re purchasing from a builder rather than a private owner, you’ll also have the advantage of moving into a new, clean, never-before-lived-in townhome. You will be the first homeowner to create memories in your townhome, and you will also be assured that the home will be delivered to you with the highest quality and without any of the wear and tear that occurs in homes over time.

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